‘Transformers: Devastation’ Is Real, And It’s Beautiful

Seriously, before we talk about this trailer, just watch it. It’s less than a minute long. I put it right at the start of the action for you.

That was, in fact, the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. When we reported on this, we weren’t sure it was real; it looked legit, but nothing had been officially announced. And to be honest, a cel-shaded, Generation One Transformers game developed by Platinum Games just had a smell of wish-fulfillment to it.

But it’s been announced, and all the leaks have essentially been confirmed; you’ll play one of five Autobots going up against thirty different Decepticons. The story hasn’t really been gotten into, but you don’t play Platinum-developed games for their scintillating writing, and it’s probably better if they don’t try to imitate the original series’ insanity anyway.

As for where and when you can play it: It’s on Xbox, Playstation and PC platforms, and that includes last-gen consoles. It currently appears to be arriving in the fall as a retail release. We officially cannot wait.