Ubisoft Apologizes, Gives Away Free Games After A Disastrous ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ Launch

Assassin’s Creed Unity’s reputation is about as tattered as that flag right now.

How do you know when a company has really f*cked up royally? When they start giving away free stuff, which is what Ubisoft is being forced to do after the shambolic launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity.

For those who haven’t been following this story, Assassin’s Creed Unity was released in a hilariously broken state, but reviewers weren’t able to warn gamers about the problems because Ubisoft embargoed reviews until a day after the game’s release. Ubisoft was probably hoping this would all blow over, but the grumbling and jokes are still going strong over two weeks later, forcing CEO of Ubisoft Montreal, Yannis Mallat, to offer this apology

“I want to sincerely apologize on behalf of Ubisoft and the entire Assassin’s Creed team. These problems took away from your enjoyment of the game, and kept many of you from experiencing the game at its fullest potential. We’ve been working hard to fix the problems players are reporting, and the patches we have released so far have resolved many of them.”

The Assassin’s Creed Unity season pass has been removed from sale, likely because Ubisoft is going to be spending the next few months squashing bugs instead of creating new content. The exception will be the Dead Kings storyline DLC, which will now be free for anybody who buys Unity.

But what about the foolhardy folks who already bought a season pass? Well, they’re getting a free game from Ubisoft – choices include The Crew, Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Rayman Legends and Just Dance 2015. I’d go with Rayman Legends, since a) it’s a great game and b) it’s the oldest game on the list and thus probably the least buggy.

I give Ubisoft credit – they really are going out of their way to make amends, but I’m officially done with buying Ubisoft games anywhere near launch.

via VG 24/7