Universal Studios And Nintendo Are Teaming For New Powered-Up Theme Park Attractions

If you’re a long-time Nintendo fan, there’s a good chance you’ve always secretly yearned for a Nintendo theme park. They’ve got the characters, they’ve got the iconic worlds, and they’ve got the money to make it happen. For whatever reason, Nintendoland remains a mere video game.

Well, a full-fledged Nintendo theme park isn’t happening yet, but the Big-N and Universal Studios have just announced a new partnership. The plan is to bring “spectacular, dedicated experiences based on Nintendo’s games, characters and worlds” to the Universal parks. This move falls in line with Nintendo’s recent attempts to transform themselves into more of a Disney-esque merchandising and licensing empire. It’s been working, so far, as the company has just posted its first yearly profit since 2011.

So, the inevitable question: What kind of Nintendo-themed attractions would you like to see at Universal Studios? Real-life Mario Karts are obviously a must. A Star Fox roller coaster? An adventure zone where kids can catch holographic Pokémon? A merry-go-round where the horses have been replaced with Tingles? The possibilities are endless and terrifying.

via Wired