Watch Sexy Teens Make Terrible Choices In Nine Minutes Of Uncut ‘Until Dawn’ Gameplay Footage

Sony’s upcoming Until Dawn has been one of this year’s more difficult-to-gauge big budget titles. The game, which is basically a cheesy ’80s movie simulator, clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously, and has some impressive tech and big-name voice actors behind it, but is it just too goofy for its own good?

Well, perhaps you’ll be able to better gauge Until Dawn after watching almost 10 minutes of undoctored gameplay footage, courtesy of All Games Beta. Positives include impressive graphics (those faces really are uncanny at times) and some pretty solid atmosphere, while negatives include a Heavy Rain-esque obsession with quick time button presses, and dialogue that’s fairly unbearable even by B-movie standards.

I’m still willing to give Until Dawn a chance because, hey, it’s summer. This is the season when you’re supposed to give the occasional weird, borderline game a shot. Until Dawn comes out August 25.

(via All Games Beta)