‘Untitled Goose Game’ Is A Hilarious Romp Of Honking Goose Espionage

The honking never gets old. It’s one thing I thought would happen with Untitled Goose Game, a game in which you, a goose, make all the humans in a town really hate you. But after hours of honking about, I never stopped laughing. Every honk is hilarious, every waddle is a delight and, if you’re not sure what to do, just honk a lot until you decide to get back on task.

House House is very clear about one thing: Untitled Goose Game does not have a name. It is simply an untitled game about a goose. And for a while, that’s all we knew about the game, which officially hit platforms on Friday. The initial teaser trailer seemed built for absurdist love in a world gone viral, though few details were actually given about the game. Could the entire point be to mess with people, honking and grabbing things with your beak?

Yes. And it’s really damn fun.

Before we get to gameplay I have to make clear just how hilarious this game is: it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever played. Geese are inherently funny-looking, and that translates to audible laughter as you move your “terrible” goose around. I found myself involuntarily laughing as I poked around trying to solve puzzles, or even just waddling from place to place. It’s truly fun to plop your goose on the canal and tool around, and the animations are charming and funny. Play Untitled Goose Game with an audience, they’ll be just as entertained as the person holding the controller.

I’ve always defaulted to playing the Good Guy in a game if given the choice, so there’s something really refreshing about being an evil agent wrapped up in such a funny package. As the goose, you waddle about, honking and flapping and occasionally lowering your neck to grab things and run away. Once you get your goose bearings, you’re given a list of tasks to accomplish, and you set out doing them in any way you choose. All of these tasks are about ruining a human’s day. Some tasks have a more linear path — to get the farmer wet, you have to get him near the sprinkler and turn it on.

But how you get him there? That’s up to you, and many things on the list are vague enough that you have to figure it out for yourself. There’s an open-ended aspect here that offers a lot of replay options as you come up with new ideas throughout the game.

Nintendo Switch

Thankfully there’s no morality at play here with Untitled Goose Game, just pure fun. There’s no reason to bully a young boy who just wants to play with a soccer ball, but it’s also hilarious to trap him in a phone booth just because it’s on the To-Do List. It’s all in good, clean fun. And as you check things off your To-Do List, additional tasks might pop up that, when executed, allow you to access new areas of town and keep the chaos rolling.