Want A New Quest In ‘Destiny?’ Better Find A Red Bull

Gamers know all too well that marketing gimmicks are just part of the hobby at this point. Every major game release will have some sort of product tie-in, even if it’s only a pre-order exclusive. Destiny, though, is taking it up a notch with their latest promotion.

Essentially, if you want an exclusive quest from The Taken King, the upcoming $40 expansion to the game that releases in September, you’ve got two options: Buy a can of Red Bull from 7-Eleven to get a code… or wait until the exclusive window expires in early 2016.

As you might expect, Destiny‘s loyal players are less than enthused about the campaign. It’s one thing to tie it to Red Bull, which is available at pretty much any convenience store, but the campaign appears specifically tied to 7-Eleven, as well. And while 7-Eleven may have a lot of outlets, some gamers are noting a 7-Eleven can be hours away from them, so unless they go on a road trip, they’re pretty much stuck waiting.

It’s especially tough because, as we’ve noted before, Destiny is built on replaying a small number of missions and quests over and over again. It’s why players sticking with the game welcome any new expansions; they’ve got more stuff to do. So, tying what they most want to a can of Red Bull, especially content from a $40 expansion to a $60 game, seems like a bit much. We’ll see if it is shortly; the cans go on sale in the coming weeks.

(via Polygon)