Duncan Jones Weathers Rude Questions And A Walkout During An Off-The-Rails ‘Warcraft’ Interview

Poor Duncan Jones. The previously-acclaimed director of Moon and Source Code has been on the receiving end of a critical thrashing for helming Warcraft (which made $24 million in its opening week in America, but which also brought in huge numbers in China), but it’s not like he can just throw his hands up and walk away.

This all came to a head when Jones was recently interviewed by BBC journalist Adam Rosser, who bombarded David Bowie’s progeny with pointed, borderline rude questions. Rosser outright asks if Jones was the wrong man to direct Warcraft, and demanded to know why the movie feels like “moments in space, that don’t fit together.” Jones gamely tries to answer, comparing Warcraft to Lord of the Rings and explaining Warcraft fans will understand the movie the way Tolkien fans can follow Peter Jackson’s sometimes overstuffed films.

It’s not a bad point, but Rosser is apparently in no mood for Jones’ politely-stated arguments, mumbling “yeah, okay, lovely” before getting up and walking out of his own interview. Jones’ face in the header image pretty much says it all.

Warcraft is in theaters now, in case you want to go for Duncan Jones’ sake.

via Indie Wire