See How ‘Warcraft’ Brought Azeroth To Life In This Revealing Special-Effects Featurette

05.16.16 3 years ago

Warcraft is certainly a movie with no shortage of special effects. I mean, you can’t just go down to central casting and find yourself an army of orcs. Some have criticized Warcraft‘s effects, which isn’t entirely unwarranted, but you can’t fault the movie’s ambition. Industrial Light & Magic continues to push what they do forward with Warcraft, and the movie breaks new ground in some ways.

If you want to gain a new appreciation for Warcraft‘s effects, Warner Brothers has released a new featurette that breaks down what went into creating the movie’s fantasy world, and it’s pretty impressive stuff. ILM created new facial scanning and hair animation techniques and all sorts of other tech just for this film. That said, the movie wasn’t filmed entirely in front of a green screen like Star Wars: The Phantom Menace or The Jungle Book — a good amount of practical effects and actual sets were used as well. You can check out the featurette, with contains quite a bit of new footage, above.

While we’re talking about effects, here’s another new video showcasing orc warrior Ogrim Doomhammer (Robert Kazinsky) in action:

Where do you stand on the Warcraft effects question? Are you impressed in some ways, or just not convinced?

Warcraft‘s CGI hordes storm theaters June 10.

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