Watch ‘Just Cause 3’ Trash The Joint In A New Gameplay Trailer

Just Cause 3 will be a substantial departure from the previous series in that Rico Rodriguez will use careful negotiation, economic sanctions, and diplomacy to quietly remove a dictator from power and set up free elections for the people of a Central American nation. Just kidding! He will trash everything he sees in the most over-the-top way possible!

This new gameplay trailer, found by VG 24/7, is pretty much what you’d expect; Rico using a car on a helicopter tow line as a mace, Rico crashing a jet into a chemical factory, Rico going all GTA on a jet pilot 20,000 feet above the Earth, and so on. It’s less a demonstration of actual gameplay and more a mockup of what the gameplay will be like, but because it looks like Just Cause 2, it’s hard to imagine the game being very different.

As for when we’ll get to command Rico to ramp an SUV into an oil refinery before blasting it with a missile launcher, the game is penciled in for Christmas 2015.

(Via VG24/7)