Watch Today’s Teens Try (And Fail Miserably) To Survive ‘Contra’ Without The Konami Code

Listen, like all adults, I love to see teenagers suffer. Damn them and their lack of mortgage payments and ability to stay thin and attractive eating nothing but 7-Eleven taquitos. That said, I have to admit, the latest episode of the Teens React series is more than a little unfair.

This time around, the titular teens have to survive Contra, without the 30 lives granted by the infamous Konami Code. Us old-timers may like to grumble about how easy games are today, but let’s not bullsh*t. We all played Contra with the extra lives. It’s the most famous cheat code in gaming history for a reason (although, not so famous that any of these kids know it).

So yes, I still very much enjoyed these kids’ pain, but that enjoyment did come with a little remorse. Just a little, mind you.

(via React Channel)