What If Nintendo Remade ‘The Avengers’ With Their Own Characters?

With Super Smash Bros. occupying much of Nintendo’s focus following its release on 3DS and impending arrival on WiiU, it’s only fitting that we see some fan tributes seep out onto the Internet for our entertainment. This one from James Farr takes it to the next level by combining the nostalgia overload of Smash Bros. with Marvel’s premier superteam.

It basically recreates the entire plot of The Avengers (so spoiler alert, you jackals), but with all the Nintendo references you can handle. Kirby is Nick Fury, Mario is Iron Man, Link is Captain America, and they all have to join together to stop Waluigi as a very Dick Dastardly looking Loki.

Luigi gets the most fitting role as The Hulk. He’s clearly tired of being second banana. Knowing his history with anger and resentment towards the other Nintendo characters, that death stare makes a lot of sense. It’s also far more menacing when it’s coming from a giant, angry emerald anger monster.

(Via Sploid / James Farr)