18 Minutes Of New ‘No Man’s Sky’ Footage Finally Reveals How The Game Actually Works

We’ve heard a lot of big talk about No Man’s Sky, the procedurally-generated, galaxy-exploring adventure game, but precious little about how the game will actually work. Yes, you can visit a virtually limitless array of alien planets, but what’s your goal? What are the game’s basic mechanics? So far, the answers to these questions have been kept under wraps.

Well, believe it or not, the developers of No Man’s Sky are finally letting the cat partially out of the bag. The director of No Man’s Sky sat down with IGN for a nearly 20-minute gameplay demo and we actually got some information on the game’s systems and mechanics.

The game has an economy, in which you earn money by discovering alien creatures and collecting resources. The more rare the creature or resource is, the more money you get, and you can use the money to upgrade your spaceship and other items. There are also enemies and combat in the game. Basically, if you act like a jerk on a planet, your wanted level will go up and law enforcing robot sentinels will come after you. The game even has trading and space pirates!

So yeah, if you were worried No Man’s Sky would just be a fancy tech demo, or a pure chill out experience, you can breathe a sign of relief, as it looks like the game has some actual structure. What are your impressions of No Man’s Sky now that you know a little bit about how the game works?

(via IGN)