Why Is EA Ignoring Widespread FIFA Hacking?

10.18.11 8 years ago

Hey, remember when Microsoft basically pulled a Nelson Muntz as Sony had a massive, humiliating security breach centered around the PS3? Yeah, now it’s Sony’s turn to mock. Kaz Hirai hasn’t laughed this hard since Ken Kutaragi lost a bet and had to streak the company earnings call.

At root is EA’s popular FIFA 2012 game on the XBox 360. What happens is this: hackers open the account up, buy a bunch of items for the game using the poor sucker’s Microsoft points, and then Microsoft closes the account for a month. Want to take your credit card off of XBox Live? That’ll be a long, complex phone call.

This has been happening for months, apparently, although it just hit the press this week. Microsoft and EA, learning from Sony’s attempt to hide the breach from their customers…have essentially been screaming “LALALA NOTHING IS WRONG BECAUSE WE CAN’T HEAR YOU LALALA!” You know, because that’ll work out really well once the class action suits start getting filed.

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