Windows 10 ‘Game Mode’ Will Make Your Laptop More Like A Console

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12.28.16 2 Comments


In the relentless war of smuggery between PC gamers and console gamers, one argument console gamers undeniably have the advantage on is that their hardware is built, from the ground up, to be used for games. And it’s true that most PCs just don’t handle games as well as they could, since they have a dozen other jobs to handle. Fortunately, Microsoft has a solution for that.

The Verge is reporting Microsoft’s experimenting with a “game mode” for PCs that will disable certain background processes and allow players to reallocate processor and GPU resources when playing a game. In other words, it makes your laptop more like a console and thus better able to handle the stresses of playing video games.

This is another step in the Xboxification of every Windows 10 PC, something that the company spent much of 2016 working on. And it’s an interesting idea not least of which because it would open up PC gaming, a relatively niche hobby even within the relatively niche hobby that is gaming, to a wider audience. That said, the question really becomes how simple all this can be made, and whether the broader Windows 10 user base even wants to game. Still, if nothing else, it gives PC gamers more resources to play.

(via The Verge)

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