‘WWE 2K20’ Actually Stopped Working On New Year’s Day 2020

The Y2K scare is officially two decades old, but apparently that doesn’t mean the problem is over for one video game. WWE 2K20 apparently had the worst start to 2020 as the game briefly stopped working for players once the calendar rolled over on the new year.

Reports of trouble actually playing WWE 2K20 hit social media on Wednesday as gamers tried to play the annual release of the 2K Sports wrestling title. Here’s what it looked like when you tried to play the game for a few hours on Wednesday:

Fans were, obviously, not very happy with a game that’s often appeared on social media because of glitches and wonky animation.


Apparently the problem is much like the Y2K computer glitch that made millions fear their computer couldn’t handle switching to the year 2000. According to a Twitter user named Mike, the fix was simple: change the game clock to go back a day and make it 2019 and everything’s fine.

On Wednesday, 2K Support’s official Twitter account reported that the team was working on a fix for WWE 2K20 crashing issues.

And shortly thereafter, they reported that the issue was fixed.

Some gamers replied to the tweet saying the fix hadn’t hit them just yet. But there was an easy fix that Mike brought up, and one that confirmed the issue was, well, the inevitable passing of time.