Xbox One S Bundles Are Getting A Price Trim As Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Looms

Microsoft will be unveiling their much hyped (and supervillain-friendly monikered) Project Scorpio as part of Sunday’s E3 festivities, but the company doesn’t want you to forget about the Xbox One S in the process.

Not unlike how the Xbox One saw a price drop before the arrival of the Xbox One S, Microsoft is offering select Xbox One S bundles for $50 less. Well, for a little while, that is. IGN reports that the price reduction is running from June 11 to June 17 with 500GB bundles temporarily priced at $249 and 1TB bundles will be sold for $299. (Not every bundle falls under the sale price umbrella, so investigate your options accordingly.) Even though the discounted price is a limited time offer, it’s not unreasonable to imagine the price might shrink again as energy goes to newer shinier projects.

GameSpot notes that Sony is also offering their own console sale during roughly the same time period. As part of Sony’s “PlayStation Days of Play” promotion, the gold-edition PS4 Slim (which comes with a 1 TB hard drive) is selling for $249.99 for a limited time. Both Sony and Microsoft’s trimmed price offerings will be overshadowed by the parade of E3 reveals grabbing the limelight, but there’s always a receptive audience for cheap(er) gaming options.

(Via IGN, GameSpot & Kotaku)