Xbox Kicked Off Its Series X Showcase By Debuting ‘Halo Infinite’

Fans of the Halo series haven’t seen a game hit consoles since 2017’s Halo Wars 2, while they haven’t gotten anything in the game’s main series of releases since Halo 5: Guardians in 2015. It’s been announced that the wait would come to an end a little bit later this year, and on Thursday during the Xbox Series X Showcase, Microsoft unveiled a trailer and gameplay footage for the console’s most highly-anticipated release of the year, Halo Infinite.

The event kicked off with information about the game, including a trailer that invites gamers to “Become Halo Infinite.”

Things then dove into gameplay, which shows what appears to be the game’s opening scene and then some exploring of the world within the game as the series’ iconic main character, Master Chief, in what is being billed as the most expansive campaign in Halo history.

Things like a release date, pricing, and whether or not there will be special editions of the game are still unclear, but Microsoft did announce that Halo Infinite will drop sometime during this holiday season. In addition to the game being released on the Xbox Series X, which also still does not have a set release date but is going to come sometime later this year, Halo Infinite will drop on Xbox One and for Microsoft Windows.