Check Out The Amazing Mechs In Nintendo’s Huge Open World RPG ‘Xenoblade Chonicles X’

Between The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and the just released Fallout 4, 2015 has been a darn good year if you’re into huge, open world RPGs. Well there’s still a big RPG to come in 2015 and, believe it or not, it puts The Witcher and Fallout to shame in terms of sheer size. That game is Nintendo’s Xenoblade Chronicles X, and it’s on its way to consume the last remnants of your free time.

A sci-fi RPG set on a twisted alien planet, Xenoblade Chronicles X features a world that’s over 150 virtual square miles in size. By comparison, Fallout 4 is around 30 – 40 square miles. So yeah, Xenoblade Chronicles X is really, really big, and it’s got other things going for it, too. For starters, the game lets you jump in and out of huge, badass mechs any time you want. The above video lays out pretty much everything you need to know about the game’s fully customizeable mechs.

So, anybody excited to beat up space dinosaurs with your giant custom-painted mech? I know Japanese RPGs aren’t for everybody, but come on, how could you not be? Xenoblade Chronicles X touches down on the Wii U on December 4.

(via Destructoid)