You Can Now Play Video Games Featured On ‘The Simpsons’

Cancel your Friday plans, because you’re going to want to spend your evening playing all those Simpsons games that you wished were real but sadly weren’t. That’s right, we’re talking about Kevin Costner’s Waterworld (season eight)Escape From Grandma’s House (season two), and Larry the Looter, which is a Streets of Rage beat-em-up that will wreck your entire keyboard and features some very familiar music. (Click on each title to be whisked away to the game’s page.)

The games’ creator, redditor grumpyfunction, posted the games to Reddit and wrote that he’d always wanted to play the games within the show. But since no one else was making them, he stepped up to the plate. And it took him a long time, too:

I put up my trilogy of fictional Simpsons games on gamejolt and would love for you guys to have a go. I spent about two years learning how to use game maker studio and these were the results! Each game is a recreation of a video game featured within the Simpsons universe. I always wanted to play some of them so I thought I’d just make them myself. Hope you enjoy them.

This is a great start (and the games are enjoyable, if infuriating), but as Complex points out, there are over 70 games within The Simpson’s animated universe for grumpfunction to take on. Hurry up with A Touch Of Death, man! Embiggen your collection!

(Via Rolling Stone)