You Can Now Use Your Pee To Play Video Games At Urinals In London

11.28.11 3 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future, which is now

Why stare at a blank wall in front of a urinal when you can play a video game with your pee? The Exhibit bar in Balham, South London, has unveiled what it claims is the world’s first urine-controlled video game for pubs.

British version is the brainchild of Gordon MacSween and Mark Melford, the owners of the game’s maker, Captive Media. According to the thinq_, they heard the story about cleaning costs being reduced at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport after owners etched a tiny image of a fly in the bottom of the urinals – causing customers to improve their aim and reducing the ‘spillage’ by 80 percent.

MacSween and Melford thought they’d give customers something more interesting to aim at. Gents can control the games – with names like Clever Dick and On The Piste – simply by moving their stream left and right.

Something else I learned from the news story embedded above: the Brits pronounce urinals as “ur-rye-nals.” Also, any story about piss-powered video games is made more pleasant by a sexy British accent, but then again what isn’t?

(HT: Buzzfeed)

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