Google Maps Just Got A ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Upgrade

As we all know, it’s dangerous to go alone. Fortunately, Google Maps and Nintendo, fully understanding this, have given us something to light the way. Namely, they put the Street View guy in a Link outfit, so he’s finally armed when he wanders whatever mean streets you may send him down.

It’s not a coincidence, of course. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is receiving an HD remake this week, so this is clearly some clever advertising. Still, this isn’t the first time Nintendo and Google have collaborated on upgrading Google Maps. One of their April Fools’ Day pranks was hiding Pokémon on maps, a gag they committed to so thoroughly they even sent Pokémon trainer certifications to people who caught them all.

Whether this is quite as elaborate isn’t clear yet. Nintendo of America has implied as much on Twitter, but a little poking around and visiting major landmarks, like Nintendo of America’s headquarters, hasn’t really yielded any other Easter eggs. Still, having the little Street View dude in a Link outfit, running around and checking out everything, is pretty neat just on its own. We’ll have to stick our noses in a few caves and see what might be hiding there.

(Via Nintendo on Twitter)