Zynga Trying To Break Up With Facebook

Senior Contributor

Hey, remember Zynga? Yeah, the people responsible for Farmville and more Wall spam than any other entity on Earth, including people who write those self-righteous statuses that want you to copy-paste them? They’re trying to get away from Facebook with their new malware pipeline direct distribution service, Zynga Direct.

You know, because you want to download something that gives your computer a direct connection to a company that the CEO actually admitted in public was completely unethical. Seriously, he did this on video!

Why is Zynga suddenly experimenting with new social networks? Because the vast majority of its customers come from Facebook, and if Facebook takes a dive, Zynga gets dragged down with it. But even if that doesn’t happen, Facebook still takes a slice of their profits. So they kind of want to avoid that, if possible, which it isn’t, because nobody wants to download frickin’ FarmVille. But nice try.

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