Cowabunga, Dudes: The 10 Most (Unintentionally) Creepy CGI Characters Ever CGI’d

08.05.14 4 years ago 28 Comments


You could hear the screeches echo across the vast reaches of the Internet when the first trailer was released: “The lips. They have lips.” And thus the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, out this weekend, provided the traumatized masses with ample nightmare fuel months before it was even released.

But Raph, Leo, Mikey, and the indisputable best turtle, Donatello (I will fight you) were far from the first to set up shop in the Uncanny Valley. That’s the zone where a robot or, say, a CGI character, is designed in a way that’s meant to be realistic but is juuuust far enough away that they look like they’re going to murder you. See: Lips and tombstone teeth on gosh darned Ninja Turtles. They share that dubious honor with these fellow raving hellbeasts:

Grendel’s Mother, Beowulf

NSFW for nudity, though your boss will probably be too busy clawing their eyes out to fire you.
“Aw, man. Bro. Did you hear Angelina Jolie’s gonna be in that new, like, wolf movie? Playing a monster or some sh*t? And she’s totally naked and yet still manages to wear high heels. Stock up on the Kleenex and lotion, I’m going to–oh God. Oh God. What–what is that?! I will never feel clean again. You have ruined my life, Robert Zemeckis. You have ruined everything.

Paddington The Murderous Demon Bear, Paddington

Paddington isn’t even out yet, but if its first images were creepy enough to inspire a horror movie meme, then it’s creepy enough for this list. One-time voice of Paddington Colin Firth says he dropped out of the film—after the trailer was already out, no less—because the titular bear “simply doesn’t have my voice,” which makes perfect sense… if it’s true. But what if Colin Firth really meant “he’ll never have my voice,” as in Paddington broke into his no-doubt posh yet tasteful apartment in the middle of the night and threatened to slice his vocal cords open, prompting Firth’s swift but polite (don’t make Paddington mad) departure from the film? I’m just sayin’. It could have happened that way.

Tintin, The Adventures of Tintin

When Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin came out in 2011, a lot of people cried “Uncanny Valley” on the main character, an adorable mocapped moppet voiced (and face’d) by Jamie Bell. The issue wasn’t so much with Tintin’s face itself—unlike Beowulf, for example, Tintin is a very technically impressive movie—but the fact that he’s a hyperrealistic character, while everyone else is more cartoony. It’s an odd juxtaposition, and one that made a lot of people feel like they were going to have their guts ripped out by Billy Elliot.

Renesmee, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

Don’t watch this video if you have a weak heart or a weak stomach, because there’s nothing about it that isn’t absolutely terrifying. If you’ve somehow gotten this far in your life without realizing Twilight involves a werewolf who imprints (yeah, that’s what I said) on a creepy vampire baby, congratulations, your innocence has now been stolen from you. The most hilarious thing about all of this is that Renesmee was almost an animatronic doll, but it freaked the cast out so much they went with CGI instead. Yes, what you see in the video above is the second most disturbing thing director Bill Condon could have gone with.

Clu, TRON: Legacy

Garrett Hedlund’s facial expression at the :33 minute mark of this clip is the same as mine was watching it, though for different reasons. The first few decades of Jeff Bridges’ career are retroactively ruined for me after seeing the actor’s digitally deaged, unnaturally smooth visage in TRON: Legacy. Sorry, The Last Picture Show. I wanted to watch you one day, but now even the thought of a 20-something Bridges gives me the shakes.

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