10-Year-Old Gamecube Hockey Game ‘NHL Hitz’ Is Getting A Fan-Made Update

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Every once-in-a-while you come across a story that just makes you marvel at how much free time some people have (and what they choose to do with it).

The person who has me marvelling at the moment is modder John Mazzocchi, who has gone and created a full 2013 update for the 2003 hockey game NHL Hitz. You remember NHL Hitz right? No? Yeah, me either, and I’m Canadian (EA’s NHL games are more popular than Call of Duty up here). As best as I can tell, NHL Hitz was Midway’s attempt to take the arcade action of NFL Blitz and apply it to hockey. Apparently some people really liked it (or at least one person named John Mazzocchi did).

Hit the jump for a list of all the new stuff added to NHL Hitz 2013…

– Updated rosters for every team as of June 2013

– Accurate play-by-play commentary names for every player

– Updated arena textures for all NHL and international teams (Thanks, Bagel!)

– Updated rink ads/boards for each team

– Updated national teams

– Completely compatible with season mode

– No more freezing at the jersey select screen

– Tweak player ratings to better ensure accuracy

– Some other tiny graphic updates


gammasquadnhlhitz3Mmmm, early-2000s goodness.

Hey, I’ve played official EA yearly updates that didn’t add this much stuff.

If you’re amongst the tiny niche of people who a) know how to play modded Gamecube games and b) totally loved NHL Hitz, you can grab the mod here.

via Kotaku

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