11 Minutes Of “Dead Island” Footage Left My Excitement For Dead

05.24.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

Did you love the heartrending first trailer and the “Tragedy Hits Paradise” teaser for Dead Island?  Were you looking forward to a really unique, moody, survival horror game?  Well then don’t watch the video below because it’ll totally f–k your sunshine.

Vincent Kummer, Brand Manager at Deep Silver, narrates this 11 minute gameplay walkthrough which looks more like a first-person-shooter with zombies than the game those first two trailers were advertising.  On the upside, the game will support up to four-player co-op and the game involves an RPG element (your zombie-killing skills increase with practice), weapons degrade over time, and custom weapons can be built.  If you like first-person shooters and zombie killing, there’s plenty of that to be had.

On the downside, they say they don’t place many guns in the game because it would be unrealistic for guns to be scattered around a tourist destination, yet you can build a “C4 knife” at your workbench.  You know, with all that C4 scattered around a tourist destination.  Also, the protagonist is running around in high heels (Scavenge some better shoes, woman. It’s a zombie apocalypse, not a fashion show), and she blows up a propane tank just by throwing a baseball bat towards it.  F–king seriously?

Anyway, the 11 minute video is below.  Hey, here’s a fun drinking game. Take a drink every time the narrator says “like”, the protagonist says “I set you free” or “There is no end to them”, or the player does something there’s no way she could be doing in those heels.  Bonus points for not dying of alcohol poisoning.  Double bonus points for dying of alcohol poisoning but coming back as a zombie.

[Hat tip and a wheelbarrow full of easily-acquired C4 to RockPaperShotgun and GameTrailers.]

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