14 Minutes of Bioshock Infinite. In Yo’ Face, Physics

07.08.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

The xenophobic ferrets are pleased with this game.

A 14-minute preview of Irrational Games’ Bioshock Infinite was shown at E3 this year, and it’s finally online (we expected better of you, internet).  The video could be considered a spoiler, in that you get to see Elizabeth showing off her powers, like how she can drag things from alternate realities through “tears” so Booker can use them in the flying 1912 American Exceptionalist city of Columbia.  In one of those alternate realities, there’s a movie called Revenge of the Jedi.  I want to go to there.

It’s hard to pinpoint the best bit. Is it the giant robotic crow-monster? Is it the skylines that let you carve your way through the skies of Columbia or the gutwrenching moment Booker dives out of an exploding blimp to freefall onto a rail miles below? [PCGamer]

Well, it wasn’t miles below, just several stories, and yet his arm didn’t somehow dislocate from its socket because f–k physics.  That should be the subtitle for this game, Bioshock Infinite: Screw You, Physics.  Or perhaps Bioshock Infinite: Cleavage and Blimp Explosions.

The video is below, courtesy of GameTrailers.  Skip to 4:30 if you want to see the actual footage and not hear about the storyline of the game; skip to 6:30 if you already saw the first two minutes we posted a few days ago; and skip to 20:49 if you hate cleavage and blimp explosions.

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