20 Epic and Nerdy Examples of Van Art

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You know, whenever we think about fantasy art, we really can’t help it, we think of vans. Yes, we know, Frank Frazetta is a real artist, he does great work, it’s best seen on canvas. But, come on. Most people will never see it unless it’s airbrushed on the side of a windowless people-carrier moms shield their children from and grown men are vaguely embarrassed to own.
So, come with us on a tour of van art. Especially Star Wars fan art. Apparently Star Wars fans really like putting Vader on the side of their dad’s Econoline.

Pictured: How Reagan saw the entire 1980s.
That’s not just any sort of mural, that guy pimped his van out and THEN airbrushed on the Star Wars mural.  That’s…commitment to your van.
The only way this could be better would be if it had the lyrics of “I Crush Everything” spraypainted on the back.
Yes, this will be the second of several Star Wars vans.  We like the graffiti style, though.
Man, I really, really hope this is a photoshop job.
You know you have a chick magnet when a wizard throwing lightning is on it.
I don’t know, I think I liked the Star Wars van from “Buffy” a lot better.
Corporate promotion?  Or lost bet?
But does the horn play the theme song?
Acid trip, “Heavy Metal” panel, or Oz parody?
We come from the land of the ice and snow…well, OK, not really.
It’s really, really sad when you not only can’t draw people, but make C3PO look like a skinned alien.
The lack of a “DTHMTL” license plate on this is severely disappointing.
I think I saw that art on a Gor paperback once.
Yeah, I buy it.  The crew of the Enterprise would drive something restrained and sensible that gets good gas mileage.
But is the van his precious?
OK, yeah, we joke about this stuff being creepy, but this is actually really, really creepy.  Keep it in the shrine, Potterhead.
Don’t act like you didn’t know this one was coming.
How much you want to bet that’s what he told his dad after he saw this?
Another one I’m not entirely sure isn’t Photoshop (check out the license plate).  But if it is, we need to rectify that, immediately.

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