4 Science Fiction Series Netflix Should Bring Back

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11.01.11 14 Comments

Netflix is facing studios that don’t want to give it content and grumpy customers who don’t like its streaming selection…so it’s doing what any company with tons of money does, and throwing cash at the problem. They’re trying to revive “Reno 911!”, they’re currently fighting to get the rights to a short season of “Arrested Development”, and they’re producing twenty-six episodes of “House of Cards”, a remake of a British series starring Kevin Spacey.

You know what, Netflix? There’s no SF in that mix; let us help you out.



#4) Firefly

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first: “Firefly” is probably the biggest cult show in recent history, so much so that a professor getting his poster torn down was a big hairy deal. The Internet loves them some space cowboys, and “Serenity” set up some pretty major possible second season plots.  Sure, Nathan Fillion is currently on “Castle”, and Joss Whedon is busy making movies while he makes movies, but that’s why we have summer hiatus: even a short five episode season would be enough for most Browncoats.



#3) Reaper

“Reaper” is probably the one thing Kevin Smith has been associated with in the last ten years that got good reviews (and yeah, I’m including his comics in that assessment, dude’s been off his game for a while).  The story of Sam, a guy in his early twenties who got his soul sold to the Devil and now has to collect souls escaped from hell, it’s actually a better show dealing with the dynamics of Sam and Satan (played by the superb Ray Wise) and Sam and his idiot friends.  Also, the series ending on a #($*ing cliffhanger, and a lot of people would like that resolved, thanks.



#2) Pushing Daisies

It was funny; it was clever; it was well-written; it was screwed by the writer’s strike. For those unfamiliar, it’s about a man named Ned; he can bring people back from the dead for one minute, but anything past a minute and someone else dies. So to keep his pie shop open, he solves murders for the reward money. Yeah, it’s quirky.

This show never really got a chance to put itself out there, but it has plenty of fans, especially on, well, Netflix streaming. So, give the Piemaker a chance, guys.



#1) Justice League Unlimited

OK, so really what I want here is just for Netflix to give Paul Dini and Bruce Timm whatever they want to play in the DCU for however long they want.  Is that so wrong?





So, if you had Netflix’s money bags, what show would you bring back from the dead?

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