5 Games You Want Coming Out This Week (June 23rd – 29th)

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Keeping track video game releases isn’t as easy as it once was — the volume of games released each week is constantly expanding, and they’re spread over a mind-boggling array of platforms (consoles, PC, Mac, handhelds and mobile).

Well, I’m here to make things a little easier on you. Every week I’ll rattle off five games I think you should check out. These articles are not meant to be comprehensive lists of everything coming out that week — think of them as a nice rounded tasting menu. Each week I’ll try to highlight several games from different corners of the gaming landscape (handhelds, consoles, indie, PC, you name it) then finish up with a “Pick of the Week”.

Hit the jump for the five games you’re going to want to check out this week…

This Week’s Handheld Game

Project X Zone (3DS, June 25th)

Project X Zone, the crazy crossover RPG featuring Sega, Capcom and Namco-Bandai characters nobody thought would ever come to North America hits this week. Aside from the novelty of seeing Chun Li, Mega Man X and Akira from Virtua Fighter hanging out, Project X Zone is also supposed to be a pretty darn solid tactical RPG. Grab it while you can, because it will only be printed in very small quantities.

This Week’s Wii U Game

Game & Wario (Wii U, June 23rd)

Want to know why the Wii U isn’t selling that well? Here’s a hint — this is the first full game Nintendo has published for the system in over seven months. Game & Wario drops the micro-games of most recent Wario games in favor of more traditional minigames, but keeps the creativity and wackiness of the series intact. Probably not the super-meaty experience that a lot of Wii U owners are hoping for, but if you’re looking for a party-friendly game to follow up Nintendo Land, this should do nicely.

This Week’s Game That’s Booooorn To Be Wiiii-iiiii-iiiild

Ride to Hell: Retribution (PC, Xbox 360 & PS3, June 25th)

Ride to Hell: Retribution has had a long, winding road to release — it was announced way back in 2008, got cancelled at least once and now it comes out in 2013 looking very much like a game from 2008. I dunno, the game could be terrible, but the thing just looks kind of pleasingly crude, rude and rough and around the edges to me.

This Week’s Superhero Game

Deadpool (PC, Xbox 360 & PS3, June 25th)

Speaking of crude, rude and rough around the edges — the Deadpool game also comes out this week. The game’s humor seems immature to say the least, but hey, I pay my rent writing video game dick jokes, so who am I to question? More importantly hands-on previews have been positive, so you’ll probably be in for a pretty fun time assuming your delicate constitution can handle Deadpool motorboating Cable.

Pick of the Week

Company of Heroes 2 (PC, June 25th)

The long-awaiting sequel to the very well reviewed Company of Heroes (which came out way back in 2006) finally arrives this week. Company of Heroes 2 provides more World War II real-time strategy action, this time immersing players in the Eastern Front conflict between Germany and the Soviet Union. New more realistic weather and a more accurate approach to troop visibility should make Company of Heroes 2 more authentic feeling than its predecessor.

And so June ends with a pretty damn solid week! Planning to grab any of the above-mentioned games? Any games you’re itching to get your hands on that I failed to mention? Hit the comments and let everyone know.

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