5 Hilarious He-Man Videos

11.10.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Be warned: the last two videos in this slideshow are not work safe.  Which is what makes them funny.
Anyway, “He-Man” lends itself pretty naturally to all sorts of weirdness; cheap animation is easy to redub, loop, and intercut with other footage.  Like “The Big Lebowski”.  Or the Thundercats.  Or crappy whiny ’90s chick rock.  Here are five videos we found that should make the Sorceress reconsider who she gave the Power of Greyskull to.

If this had been the actual video to the song, 4 Non-Blondes might have had more than one hit.

This, meanwhile, just uses animation from a Jehovah’s Witness cartoon (and yes, religious animation exists and is an entire weird, pretty disturbing, genre). It’s…memorable.

The really sad thing is that this isn’t even a really good parody; this is an actual PSA they ran. He-Man may have fabulous secret powers, but defeating really awkward conversations is not one of them.

We’re pretty sure the dialogue from “The Big Lebowski” can make anything funny. ANYTHING.

This one has been the subject of multiple DMCA takedowns, sadly, but at least we’ve got it for now.
Just to make up for the NSFW, and to give you some tips on managing your coworkers, here’s a minute and a half of Skeletor being a dick:

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