5 Reasons Godzilla Is The Most Likeable Movie Character Of The Year So Far

05.19.14 4 years ago 35 Comments

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According to Dan, last year’s Pacific Rim is vastly better than the new Godzilla movie, which I disagree with pretty strenuously, but I’m not here to do a point-by-point rebuttal. Why? Because, honestly, I mostly preferred Godzilla for one reason — one big, green, stompy reason.

Yeah, the new Godzilla‘s script is a bit of a mess, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson has less personality than the skyscrapers the movie’s monsters crash through, but in the end it doesn’t matter because the flick gets Godzilla himself so freakin’ right. I’ve watched more Godzilla movies than I care to count, and the new movie is the most I’ve ever enjoyed the character. Near the end of the movie my fiancé and me were tightly squeezing each other’s hands because we weren’t sure if the G-man was going to make it. It’s rare that I find myself that invested in a character, never mind one that happens to be a giant CGI lizard. So, why is the new Godzilla so likeable? Well…

Warning! I won’t be delving too deeply into specific plot points, but those hyper sensitive to spoilers may want to proceed with caution.

He’s Pleasingly Plump

Godzilla recently caught flak from Japanese fans for being a bit of a flubzo, and well, it’s true. The guy’s got thunder thighs, legs like tree trunks and adorable chubby cheeks. As a city-leveling monster Godzilla is kind of loveably awkward, which is as it should be. Dude’s always been kind of dorky looking — it’s when they tried to make him into a sleek, cool, super t-rex that things went off the rails. You got the impression 1998 Godzilla spent a few hours in the mirror getting all his scales in order before attacking New York. 2014 Godzilla can’t be fussed with that, he’s got sh*t to punch.


Warner Bros/TOHO

The new Godzilla’s such a swell guy people don’t even bother to get off the pier as he’s coming through.

He’s a Noble Hero

Tired of flawed, morally ambiguous heroes? Well, there’s nothing ambiguous about this latest incarnation of Godzilla. Giant flappy pterodactyl-spider monsters are attacking the planet and Godzilla is here to beat them up. Why? Because flappy pterodactyl-spider monsters are bad, and Godzilla is good. That’s pretty much exactly how Ken Wantanabe’s scientist character explains it — “My scientific theory is that Godzilla exists to be good and awesome and punch things, the end.”

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