5 Reasons We Can't Wait for "Tokyo Jungle"

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06.12.12 3 Comments
“Tokyo Jungle” is a Sony exclusive for the PS3 with a pretty compelling story: one day, all of humanity simply vanishes, leaving behind the animals. In Tokyo, this means the zoo animals, the pets, and the wildlife all take over a decaying, beautifully rendered Tokyo, and try to survive by eating, finding clean water, and knocking boots.

It’s one of a long, long line of games, ranging from “Seaman” to “Pokemon”, that center around genetics, evolution, and the life cycle to come out of Japan.

But it’s got a lot more to it than just a wacky plotline. Here’s why this PS3 exclusive is worth looking for, whenever it comes to the US.

#5) Finally, Simulated Animal Sex

OK, so the last thing gaming actually needed was 3D rendered models of Pomeranians humping, but, continuing with the wackiness, one of the important aspects of the game is finding a suitable mate and making more of yourself. This actually creates a “lives” system of sorts: when you reproduce, you hop to the next generation, and if you die before you reproduce in that body, you’ll go to the next one.

#4) The Situation for Some Truly Ridiculous Scenarios Presents Itself

The way the games mechanics are constructed, where animals can form packs or herds, depending on their species, and use those packs and herds for defense or offense, you can, if you feel like it, take out a crocodile with a pack of beagles.

Insane events like that are what gaming is all about.

#3) The Gameplay is Surprisingly Deep and Old School

Here, have a video:

It’s a mix of platforming, stealth, and old, old school RPGs, like you actually have to keep track of your hunger and thirst, make sure they’re properly sated, and, needless to say, you can’t carry any items because you’re a four-legged beast, not a human.

There’s also a mix of mechanics: assembling a pack or herd, for example. That’s got some real promise for some genuinely unique gameplay.

There’s some real appeal there. It’s a pretty strange mix, but one that sounds fun.

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