’70s Shatner Explains The Computer To Us

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03.17.11 5 Comments

In Douglas Copeland’s “Microserfs”, which is itself hilariously outdated at this point because it takes place in 1994, Copeland notes that any media about computers is almost immediately outdated. He was using the example of Time Life books, but it can apply to pretty much anything.
Like, say, instructional films done by AT&T in the ’70s starring none other than William Shatner.
What’s great about this, beyond the fact that it’s William Shatner, is the child-like sense of wonder that someday, we may use a 386 processor and it would have the power of a God. You’ve got to wonder what those Bell Labs boys with that awesome facial hair would think of, say, an Alienware PC.
Check the film out on the next slide.

[ via the historians at Engadget ]

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