Adam McKay Was In Talks To Replace Edgar Wright As ‘Ant-Man’ Director, But Pulled Out Immediately

05.31.14 4 years ago 15 Comments

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Adam McKay was rumored to be a contender to replace Edgar Wright as Ant-Man director this week, but now it looks like he’s got the job. According to Variety, the Anchorman director will reunite with Paul Rudd on the trouble movie. From Variety:

“Anchorman” director Adam McKay is in advanced talks to replace Edgar Wright as helmer of Marvel’s “Ant-Man,” sources confirm to Variety. Wright had been attached to the superhero project since 2006 before resigning last week over creative differences.

“Ant-Man,” expected to film later this summer, is still slated for theatrical release on July 17, 2015. Disney will distribute the movie.

The WME-repped McKay has a long history with star Paul Rudd, having directed the actor in both “Anchorman” comedies.

So does this make you want to see Ant-Man any more or less than you did before? I certainly didn’t feel too strongly about Edgar Wright leaving the project, but he was certainly a driving factor behind my interest.

McKay is a logical choice though. I just don’t know if this elevates it from the ‘some guy’ territory that Vince had mentioned in his coverage this week.


Or he was a logical choice until he pulled out immediately. Almost as soon as it was reported it was unreported because McKay immediately regretted the decision. From The Hollywood Reporter:

Negotiations began with McKay in earnest on Friday but the Anchorman director abruptly decided against taking the job on the film, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The decision is said to be his alone.

So hey, forget all of that stuff from before. Maybe we can get the ghost of Harold Ramis to direct this thing?

(Via Variety)

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