Adobe Finally Kills Mobile Flash?

One of the biggest peeing matches in tech lately has been former BFFs Apple and Adobe arguing over how, exactly, video will be shown on the mobile devices of today and the future. It started when Apple banned Flash from the iPhone, before realizing that this was kind of something that would get the crap sued out of them. But it hasn’t stopped Google from embracing HTML5 for Google TV, and for people to continue to gripe about Flash’s massive security loopholes and general instability problems that have plagued it from day one.

It’s been a particular problem on smartphones and tablets, you know, the only market in computer that’s currently growing at all. And that falls squarely on Mobile Flash, Adobe’s stripped down version that has been driving people crazy.

Well, Adobe has finally admitted that HTML5 is better, and has killed Mobile Flash (along with, unfortunately, 750 jobs). So now all we have to do is get websites to start using it, and maybe convince your mom to stop using Internet Explorer 6, and we might have a faster, easier to use web.

[ via the Reverse Flashes at Geekosystem ]