The ‘Adventure Time’ Art Show At Gallery 1988 Is Decidedly Acceptable

Cuyler Smith’s “Friends Forever”

Gallery 1988 did the thing. They held an art show celebrating Adventure Time, the GIF-worthy show that taught us to always be stupid forever and to try new things, because “sucking at something is the first step towards being sort of good at something.”

To put together the show, Gallery 1988 asked over 50 artists to play around with their imaginations (and everything got intense). Gallery owner Jensen Karp explained his reasoning for liking Adventure Time: “It has clear messages and morals, yet grade A fart jokes. It doesn’t only ride the line between substance and fluff, it makes fun of you for even believing a line like that exists.”

The show opened at Gallery 1988 West in Los Angeles last Thursday, and a few of our favorites are collected below. Many of these are still for sale at the links above each photo, and everything from “Adventure Time x G1988” can be viewed at Gallery 1988. Thanks to Surley Badger for the tip.

Jim Ferguson’s “I Think It Likes You”

Dave Quiggle’s “Ice King’s Frostie Zaps Cereal”

Clark Orr’s “Impossible Jake”

Stephen Andrade’s “Choose Your Own Adventure Time (Book Club Edition)”

Meghan Stratman’s “The Knife Storm”

Audrey Pongracz’s “Distant Lands”

Sean Naylor’s “Say Adventure…”

Aaron Jasinski’s “Duet for Violin and Cello in the Key of Awesome”

Joey Spiotto’s “The Little Adventurers (Finn & Jake)” and “The Little Adventurers (Fiona & Cake)”

Nicole Gustafsson’s “Everyday’s An Adventure”

Jason Liwag’s “You’re Welcome”

Ryan Hungerford’s “Three’s Company”

64 Colors’ “Un Acceptable”

Anthony Petrie’s “See the Land of Ooo”

Tomi Monstre’s “Say Hello to Death”