‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Apparently Going To Feature Luke Cage

05.13.13 5 years ago 49 Comments

Sharp-eyed fans will note that this is J. August Richards, who is listed as cast in the show but oddly his character has no name! Gee, wonder why?

First of all, it’s official: ‘Agents of SHIELD’ is hitting the small screen and is probably going to be ABC’s centerpiece. Secondly, if that’s not Luke Cage in this first official clip, we’ll eat his fancy metal tiara.

OK, so it could just be a random super-strong Black guy, but why else would you stick him in mustard pants? Yes, we know it’s originally a yellow silk shirt, but let’s face it, mustard pants are both more realistic and way less tacky.

Disappointingly, this won’t be a superteam show; it’s got a fairly standard ensemble of new characters who can pretty much be summed up by their jobs (Hacker, Scientist, Muscle, etc.). ABC also claims they want to show to stand on its own merits, and we’re sure the current rumors of Robert Downey, Jr. using his massive leverage to force Marvel to pay the rest of the Avengers what they’re worth has nothing whatsoever to do with that claim.

On the other hand, it’s pretty obvious this show is also a vehicle to give more obscure heroes and villains a chance in the spotlight without having to spend $100 million on a movie. At least we hope so; it’d be depressing if Disney chose to slap a marketable name on a generic SF series. So, we’ve got a few suggestions for other heroes the show might feature.

Moon Knight

OK, so his continuity makes the X-Men look simple (is he powered by Egyptian magic? Crazy? Batman? All three? Doug Moench probably isn’t entirely sure either.), but it’s hard to think of a Marvel character with more of a beloved cult surrounding him. Also apparently beatings will be fairly prominent in the show according to this clip, and nobody hands out a beating like Moon Knight.

Omega The Unknown

It’s a cult series courtesy of Steve Garber (and later Jonathan Lethem), but if you’ve read the series, and you should if you haven’t, it’s a fairly unique comic and well-suited to the show’s overall themes.


Just because he’s the perfect sad-sack villain: A guy who should be scary with his gun that can transmute matter, but just has too many personality flaws to really make the whole supervillain thing work for him.

The Mad Thinker

If for no other reason than you can have the team gadget nerd go toe-to-toe with him in a gadget fight. And who doesn’t love a good gadget fight?

We’re sure you’ve got suggestions; let us know in the comments.

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