A Doozy Of A Deleted Scene From ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Has Leaked

Hey, remember how Peter Parker is an orphan? Looks like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was playing fast and loose with that particular part of the mythology as well. It just didn’t make the final cut.

The leak comes courtesy of a Spanish version of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 Blu-Ray, which is arriving in a couple of weeks. Among the deleted scenes appear to be, of all things, Richard Parker back from the dead for the dragged-out finale of the movie.

The full scene boils down to Peter’s dad comforting him because he can’t deal with Gwen’s death. Honestly, the scene doesn’t add much and it being cut wasn’t a surprise. The most important part is when the defining statement of Peter’s life comes up in the scene:

Yes, with great power comes great responsibility. But with parenting, you can dump your kids on your wife’s sister, no problem! Boy, May won’t be angry or anything when Dick Parker turns up in the next movie, if it ever happens. Nope, not at all.