"Anarchy Reigns" Coming To The US, After All

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06.19.12 4 Comments

You know what brawlers need? More pimps on steroids, jet surfing, chainsaw hands, and utter ridiculousness. Those seem like good additions.

Unfortunately, Platinum Games’ increasingly insane-looking “Anarchy Reigns” had its release date, originally July 6th, dropped and it didn’t make an appearance at PAX East or E3, as Sega’s financial woes meant it wasn’t releasing anything without Sonic in it.

However, somebody in Sega realized that a game this insane can’t be allowed to just sit in Japan, it needs to be unleashed on the whole world.

Why, yes, you just saw an enormously fat man in a pig suit! That should give you an idea of the taste and class this movie brings to the yard.

In all seriousness, the huge number of multiplayer modes and just ridiculous over-the-top nature of the game makes it worth a play. We’re actually excited for this one; it’s been a while since Japan gave us a game this…Japanese.

What do you think? Looking forward to this one, or is it a little too wacky for you?

image courtesy Sega

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