‘Ant-Man’ Loses Yet Another Director

Things have gone from bad to worse to utterly ridiculous at this point in the search for a director of Ant-Man. Edgar Wright left, Adam McKay pulled out of the job at the last minute, and now yet another director has passed.

Yep, Rawson Marshall Thurber, who honestly was not the best choice in the first place, is out, at least according to rumor website This Is Infamous. Most of the Hollywood gossip machine seems to believe the claim is accurate, and honestly, it’s not a surprise. The guy makes goofy comedies, not superhero movies, and there’s an ongoing theme here of directors getting close to signing, reading the script, and suddenly deciding they’ve got better things to do.

Marvel’s options, at this point, are not great. Either they give up, delay the movie, give Edgar Wright what he wants to return (namely total creative control), or find some director who needs a paycheck. Giving up and delaying are not options: The Marvel Cinematic Universe is tightly structured, everything is supposed to feed into everything else, and the cast Marvel’s locked in does not come cheap.

It’s either make Ant-Man or fill in the gap on their release schedule. Speaking of which, boy, it just came out of nowhere that Doctor Strange was coming even though that movie was still only rumored, huh? It might just be that Hank Pym has to wait a little while longer.