'Arrow' Has A Bye Week, So Here's Huntress Instead

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11.21.12 11 Comments

Arrow isn’t back on the air until next week. But that doesn’t mean the CW can’t release promotional images: Here’s the Huntress!

So, is this the scene of a homicide? A date? Both?

This is actually interesting since, as we noted in the last liveblog, the Royal Flush Gang made mention of other vigilantes. However, we haven’t actually met one yet.

The Huntress is part of a larger arc in the series where Ollie takes Helena under his wing and has the bright idea of arming her, because handing somebody thirsting for revenge a weapon and the skills to use it is always an awesome idea. Apparently, the Huntress manages to touch off a mob war, which really was in the cards eventually, and Ollie has to contain the fallout.

But for those hoping the series would chuck realism out the window and keep the shiny bathing suit, bad news:

We like the grounded direction of the series, but on the other hand, this might be a bit too far. This looks like somebody just slapped a domino mask on and wore their usual winter clothes.

On the other hand, it’s not ridiculously skin-tight and is something you might actually wear to hunt mobster, bar the whole trenchcoat thing. Also, although you can’t see it, it is apparently a dark purple, so that’s a nice touch.

Arrow will be back November 28th.

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