"Arrow" Has a Trailer, And It's Way Better

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05.21.12 4 Comments

Last week, we brought up the clip “Arrow” inflicted on the Internet and called it out for being, at best, really rough, and at worst, being something like a total hack job.

Well, the trailer has officially dropped, and hey, it’s got the guy from the “Dresden Files” TV show. It’s nice seeing him again.

The trailer does have a couple of surprises, although not all of them will be popular with fans, we’re thinking. It sure seems to imply Arrow here isn’t above, er, killing people, which is an…interesting choice. Also, apparently there will be trick arrows, after all: we see a bomb arrow and a grappling arrow in the trailer. We assume the boxing glove arrow appearing is only a matter of time.

Trailer under the jump.

image courtesy the CW

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