Arrow's First Preview Clip Is Up, and It's Exactly What You'd Expect

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05.18.12 12 Comments

Let’s see here:

  • Sloppy editing in the first ten seconds? Check. If the stuntman whiffs a take, redo the take, guys. Don’t use a cutaway, and especially don’t use THAT cutaway.
  • That just gets worse later in the clip? Check. And those tennis balls were dropped by who, God?
  • Intentional or not, reference to “Batman Begins”? Check. (To be fair, it’s not like there are a lot of creative ways to shoot grinding metal.
  • Moments showing off the hero’s abs and chest for the fangirls? Check. Really, he should be doing this in bicycle shorts; you can’t tell us this show won’t have lots of boobs, so we might as well have equal opportunity ogling. I guarantee you this guy’s Ninja Warrior climb will be a gif by the time you read this.
  • Godawful voice-over acting and recording? Check. Use a pop screen and for God’s sake, tell him to at least try and not sound like he’s reading off the page.
  • Even worse sound editing? Check. (Listen when he’s firing the arrows: it sounds like he’s whiffing every shot.)

We weren’t really expecting that much, and we’re assuming that this is solely to get some buzz started and the pilot will be cleaner. But yeesh.

The clip for your delectation under the cut.

image courtesy the CW

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