The Force Is Strong With These Custom 'Star Wars' Helmets From The As You Wish Project

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08.20.12 3 Comments

Lin Zy Busch and her Lego Clone Trooper [via]

The As You Wish Project is a charity fundraiser auctioning over 40 redesigned Boba Fett and Clone Trooper helmets putting these iconic Star Wars props into new contexts. The helmets will be exhibited at Star Wars: Celebration VI in Orange County next weekend and are sold after the event. Bidding begins on Ebay this Thursday. All proceeds benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

This year’s As You Wish Project is sponsored by The Dented Helmet, eFX Collectibles, and the 501st. Some of the 40+ artists volunteering for the fundraiser are members of the 501st. Others were involved in the original Star Wars, including Joe Johnston and Sandy Dhuyvetter, who helped design Boba Fett’s original costume. Other artists designed their helmets in the style of H.R. Giger, Damien Hirst, and numerous historical references. If I had unlimited funds, I’d buy all of these, put them on panthers, and make them battle.

Some of our favorite modified Boba Fett and Clone Trooper helmets are collected below. All pictures are courtesy of The As You Wish Project. If you want to see more pictures of any of these, click the “via” link for the original Facebook picture set. Thanks to io9 for the assist.

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Lin Zy Busch and her Lego Clone Trooper [via]

Thomas Spanos’ HRG Trooper inspired by HR Giger’s design for Alien. [via]

This helmet is made from the parts of Star Wars.
1. Alien frontal skull = Vader helmet
2. Alien lower mouth features = Clone Trooper lower helmet
3. Alien spine ridge = Clone Trooper fin repeated
4. Alien ribs along side of head = Death Star hallway light features
5. Alien tubing bulge = Clone Trooper thermal detonator
6. Alien secondary mouth = Darth Vader lightsaber
7. Alien tubing along sides of head = Darth Maul and Darth Tyranus lightsabers

Tom Spina’s Boba Recall. Get ready for a surprise. [via]

Alex Alva’s Iron Fett [via]

Rich Dellinger’s For The Love Of Holiday Specials (inspired by Damien Hirst’s For The Love Of God) contains over 12,000 hand-laid Swarovski Elements crystals [via]

John Brosio’s Spirit Hunter inspired by Hopi kachinas [via]

Mars Visions’ Mythosaur Hunter inspired the mythosaur skull on Boba Fett’s armor [via]

Jesse Lincoln and Anthnoy Mestas of Sideshow Collectibles’ Game of Clones [via]

Max Cervantes’ Mandalorian 300 [via]

Jay Shimko’s Spartan Clone [via]

Sandy Dhuyvetter’s Momma Fett [via]

Sandy Dhuyvetter is one of the original artists who helped create Boba Fett in 1978. For the first time in 34 years, Sandy has revisited her time in creating a pop culture icon by creating the “Momma Fett” helmet, which includes a collage of photos from ’78 while she was helping create the character that would come to be known as Boba Fett.

Boba Fett as painted by his original creator, Joe Johnston [via]

Chris Trevas’ Retro Robot [via]

Harrison Krix of Volpin Props’ Dovah Fett inspired by Skyrim [via]

Kotobukiya’s Musha-Boba inspired the traditional Japanese stylings of Bushido (Code of the Samurai) [via]

Alex Buechel’s Honos Gladius Fortis [via]

Weta Workshop’s 2012 inspired by ancient Mayan prophecies [via]

John Sloboda’s Korriban Mining Helmet [via]

The idea for the “Korriban Mining Helmet” is what the apparatus might look like for those tasked with harvesting the black crystals used to power Sith holocrons.

ACME Design’s Are you now, or have you ever been? inspired by another George Lucas film, THX 1138. [via]

Phillip Freeman of Acti-Props’ Stormy Jaffa inspired by Stargate [via]

Legacy Effects’ The Scavenger [via]

Legacy Effects’ The Scavenger [via]

Legacy Effects’ The Scavenger [via]

HMS Creative Productions’ Endor Reclaims [via]

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