AT-ATs Get A Fresh Paint Job In The Shirts Of Steven Anderson

07.19.11 7 years ago

How different would the show have been if Scooby and the gang had been riding around in an All Terrain Armored Transport, aka an AT-AT? First off, seeing a cloud of mysterious smoke puff out of a machine that can blow up a military base would be worrisome. Second, the gang could have totally solved mysteries in Antarctica! And that would have rocked.
Check out some of Anderson’s other cool designs in our slideshow and if you like what you see, you can purchase a shirt with this design here for $25 or check out his full portfolio here.

Battle Cat AT-AT by Steven Anderson

Mario Kart AT-AT by Steven Anderson

The Hogswart Express AT-AT by Steven Anderson

General Lee AT-AT by Steven Anderson

The A-Team AT-AT by Steven Anderson

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