‘Battle Of The Damned’ Has Robots, Zombies, And Dolph Lundgren

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12.18.13 10 Comments


At first, Battle of the Damned looks like a fairly straightforward direct-to-video action movie, complete with Dolph Lundgren. And then the robots show up.

That’s really the pitch; Dolph Lundgren is a mercenary sent to what appears to be a location somewhere in Thailand. You have to feel bad for places that are cheap to shoot movies in, because that’s where all the zombie outbreaks start according to DTV movies. Anyway, the setup seems fairly standard; group of survivors, all fitting various types, lots of zombies, city about to be destroyed… aaaaaand then the robots show up.

Here’s the first question: Why isn’t this in theaters in February? Unlike all the cheesy crap invading your multiplex early next year, this actually looks entertaining, and deliberately so. Secondly, are we really going to have tender moments between robots and Dolph Lundgren as he trains them to more effectively murder zombies? Because that’s the only way this movie could be improved after a shot like this:


This will be available for digital download, and on physical media, February 18th, which is something of a shame because a movie like this really needs to be watched over New Year’s Eve, with friends. But, hey, we can make it a yearly tradition.

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