Beer Can Transformer? Beer Can Transformer.

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Beer and robots go together like sodium and water with humans as the mineral oil: we keep the two from mixing directly, and carefully moderate it to keep stuff from exploding. Unless there’s too much beer.
Anyway, let’s all contain our shock that a Japanese guy crammed a robot into a beer can, especially since it has no visible tentacles or creepy human parts, thus depriving us of our usual shtick about creepy robots from Japan.
No, Beerbot is actually pretty adorable, partially because he can’t really move around much, what with only being able to wiggle, and partially because he hides like a turtle.
He does not, however, provide rich yeasty refreshment. But check out the video on the next slide: it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today (does not include puppies).

[ via the Servo drinking buddies at io9 ]

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