Warner Wants Ben Affleck To Direct The Stand, And We Want A Pony

Entertainment Editor
10.24.11 2 Comments

Back in August, we reported the team behind Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows (director David Yates and screenwriter Steve Kloves) were chosen by Warner Brothers to adapt Stephen King’s 1,152-page-long The Stand into a multi-film series. Although we assumed Yates would likely be picked to direct, Deadline reports Warner wants Ben Affleck to once again direct a drama for them. Nothing’s official, and we’re wondering how Affleck will fare on a movie not set in Boston.

If you don’t know what The Stand was (How?), the short version is that a virus released from a military facility in the U.S. kills 99.44% of all humans, and then it really gets weird. You could even say 99.44% of humans Ben Afflicted with the virus. *rimshot* But the most important question, of course, is which character will Casey Affleck play?

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