Meme Watch: The Hawkeye Initiative Hilariously Addresses Sexism In Comics With Sexy Hawkeye

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12.03.12 30 Comments

A new meme emerged on Tumblr this weekend, and it is fabulous. It started when Hoursago posted the picture above, switching Black Widow’s position with Hawkeye to highlight the silliness of the pose. Then Gingerhaze suggested other questionable female poses should be Hawkeyed as well. Soon several people were drawing sexy Hawkeye versions of the ridiculously-distorted, impossibly-posed, and over-sexualized depictions of women in comics of the type you’d find at Escher Girls. All of these Hawkeye drawings were tagged “The Hawkeye Initiative”, and a new single serving Tumblr aptly titled The Hawkeye Initiative collects them.

Anatomically-challenged drawings of female characters with broken spines to show T&A simultaneously isn’t a new thing in comics. See this gallery, Kate Beaton’s Strong Female Characters, and the Catwoman zero parodies for more examples. Yet something about inserting Hawkeye into all of these comics is just so right. Just look how empowered that sexy Hawkeye is.

Check out our favorite 30 entries to The Hawkeye Initiative below, with credits to each artist under every photo.

Fair warning, some of these may be borderline NSFW. There’s no nudity, but it’s almost like he’s wearing nothing at all… nothing at all… nothing at all…

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