Big Collection of On-Set Prometheus Pics Show Off Smiling Noomi, Supporting Characters and Ridley Scott's Frown Lines

04.05.12 7 years ago 3 Comments
I’ll admit, I’m a bigger Ridley Scott fan than any sensible person really should be — hell, I even liked Legend and Kingdom of Heaven. So, I’m pretty excited about Scott’s return to making movies that are actually legitimately good with Prometheus. The most recent trailers were pretty nifty, but darnit I want more. Don’t you? Yeah!

So, here’s a big ol’ collection of on-set shots featuring all the main (and even not-so-main) actors. Also lots of shots of Ridley Scott frowning. Hit the jump to check ’em out…

via /Film

Pics courtesy Empire

Charlize about to cap something…

Omar? Brother Mouzone? S–t, not this again.

Your hipster scarf won’t protect you.

Fassbender prepares to enter another tunnel.

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